This is a fun packed adult activity and colouring book that is head and shoulders above many of the books currently available. Whether you have already rediscovered the joy and benefit of colouring and art therapy, or are thinking about giving it a try, then The Creative Therapy […]

This is a great book for relaxing with, featuring sophisticated anti-stress colouring, doodling and drawing. Each illustration has been carefully crafted so that almosty anyone can enjoy creating exceptional pictures and benefit from the stress-relieving effect. The book is 128 pages, measures 21.1cm x 29.9cm, and published by […]

Create amazing mandala masterpieces by simply adding colour to stunning drawings. The mandala colouring craze has taken the world by storm and this 32 page paperback is sure to convert even more creative children and adults everywhere. Created by Hannah Davies, an award winning freelance Illustrator from Wales, […]