Best Tattoo Colouring Books for Adults

Tattoo colouring books are obviously popular with tattooists and tattoo enthusiasts, plus those who are considering a new tattoo but are looking for inspiration and ideas. But these type of colouring books are also in high demand by adult colouring fans all over the world, even those not particularly into tattoos. As of right now there are not too many tattoo colouring books for adults available (though this will likely change in the near future), but we have selected our favourites or you below:-

The Tattoo Colouring Book
This popular colouring book is packed with illustrations celebrating the art of tattooing. The designs were all specially drawn for inclusion in this book and include more traditional tattoo art along with more contemporary and elaborate compositions. This book will appeal to anybody that loves tattoo designs and was created by Megamunden, a UK illustrator currently working as a designer at the ILoveDust design agency. This is a great book in A4 size with centre page pullouts in full colour. Whether you are a tattoo fan or not, this is a great colouring book for both adults and older children.

Ink in Ink: A Tattoo inspired adult colouring book
This book features original artworks with hundreds of hidden creatures all ready for you to colour. Ink in Ink is an engaging and beautiful book from the South African illustrator and designer, Judi Thomas. This is a well designed colouring book and each drawing has it’s own page and is blank on the reverse, so you can cut out and frame each picture after colouring in and there is no need to worry about the colours bleeding through onto another drawing.

The Tattoo Designs: Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups
This book allows adults to explore their creative side with some of the most fascinating tattoo art available. There is everything from tribal patterns to traditional designs and floral art, something for all tastes! Over 100 pages of fresh and funky designs are included, each offering a perfect way to relax and use colouring as a form of therapy to unwind and reduce stress. You will love this colouring book if you are into tattoos, it is is A4 with crisp white pages on nice thick paper, although the pages are printed on both sides so best not to use felt pens. Each design is also very different with little repetition, something which cannot be said for all colouring books!