Best Geometric/Mandala Colouring Books for Adults

Mandala is a Sanskrit word which refers to a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religion. However in popular culture today, the term mandala has become a generic term for any diagram or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos, whether metaphysically or symbolically. These types of colouring books really free the mind as they do follow traditional recognisable patterns, instead they are much more abstract and really allow the juices of creativity to flow! Three of the best of these books are listed below:-

GeoMandala: The Coloring Book of Geometric Mandala Designs by John Wik
This adult colouring book features 24 original mandala illustrations for colouring enthusiasts which are printed on one side of the paper and framed by a black background. You can tell that the author/illustrator John Wik, really enjoys creating these colouring books and it’s very rewarding for customers to create new designs. The book gets top marks for using single-sided pages and good thick black outlines, plus offering a great selection of varied images. On the downside, some may feel the paper is too thin as strong markers will bleed through easily (though this is obviously less of a problem with no drawings on the reverse side, so as long as you use a piece of card or similar underneath when colouring it’s no problem).

Geometrical Design Coloring Book by Spyros Horemis
This coloring book does not use actual objects like animals, buildings, people, flowers or landscapes — this book proves stretches the imagination with striking and beautiful geometric designs and abstract shapes. In total there are 46 original designs each beautifully rendered with no preconceived colours leaving you free to use imagination and creativity to the full. These types of books are a great antidote to stress and depression, and this book offers plenty of design variations including several great optical illusion type drawings which boggle the mind! Although more advanced colouring fans may want something with more of a challenge, the designs in this book will appeal to most adults and children too.

The World’s Best Mandala Coloring Book: A Stress Management Coloring Book For Adults
Every single Mandala illustration in this book is a work of art. It’s full of imaginative mandalas just waiting for you to add colour and makes a great gift for adults and school aged children. The book contains 50 circular mandalas printed one per page on nice bright white paper. Many markers will leak through the pages in this book, but the back pages of the designs are all left blank so if as long as you place a piece of paper under the page you are colouring, there will be no damage to other pictures.