Best Doodle Colouring Books for Adults

Books with doodles are a popular niche in the adult colouring book category. Colouring in is of course a great therapy to combat stress, but what could be more relaxing than colouring doodles? Please find below a brief review on three of the best adult colouring doodle books on the market.

Oodles of Doodles: An Advanced Colouring Book For Adults Full Of Detailed Patterns by Lilt Kids Coloring Books
The Oodles of Doodles colouring book is full of original doodles printed on large 8.5 x 11 inches printed on single sides of high quality paper, with plenty of space to be creative. After you have finished colouring, the designs are easy to remove and hang on the wall. This doodle book offers a welcome break from all the many adult colouring books filled with nature, flowers and animals. Although some customers have complained that the designs are too simple, there is enough detail for most and the simplicity means this book is also great for children.

Doodle Coloring Book Paperback by Penny Farthing Graphics
This is book filled with whimsical doodles ready for colouring. It’s a quality book, better than many on the market, with 50 original and creative illustrations with everything from funny cartoon characters to musical instruments and city skylines included. This is a perfect book for relaxing and whiling away the time, by simply colouring in each picture until it is complete. In addition to relaxation, doodling can improve content retention and attention span, by doodling we open up more of the brains creativity while at the same time having many hours of colouring fun!

Zen Doodle Coloring Book: Relax and Relieve Stress by Kristy Conlin
Some days you just feel like you need a break from the stresses of everyday life, this Zen Doodle colouring book by Kristy Conlin allows you to relax and do just that! This book will remind you of when you were a child and you got intensely focused on colouring in and forgot about everything else going on around you! Full of lovely Zentangle type art, colouring in these unique designs will help you to clear your mind and have fun, plus you may even find that when finished, you have a pretty nice piece of art to display! There are over 100 Zen Doodle illustrations included which will keep you busy colouring in for many hours completely stress free!